About Sarah

Sarah Tippit, a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern (#75866) on our team, works with clients of all ages to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder, trauma, grief, anxiety, and related disorders.

Sarah Tippitt, MASarah says, “I hold great compassion and respect for those who seek outside help in overcoming the persistent bad thoughts, ruminations, inner critics, compulsions, paralyzing anxieties, phobias, traumas, abuses or profound losses that block you from reaching your full potential. No condescension or criticism here. Attempts to overcome these things can be frightening, uncomfortable and sometimes worsen before they improve. However, I believe in the ability of the human spirit to rebound, heal and grow out of fear, uncertainty and trauma. I listen with empathy, and I employ evidence-based techniques, tailored to your situation, while reminding you of all your strengths.”

She also offers art, sand tray and journaling therapies as optional tools for personal growth and insight, believing that creative work can provide multiple levels of healing.

In addition to private practice, she works as an art therapist at a private hospital in San Diego.

Sarah is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University.

To contact Sarah, call 858-386-4724.